More About GEC Durham Astra Transformers

All Astra Current Transformers and Voltage Transformers undergo rigorus quality control checks during each step of the production cycle.  The final performance tests are in conformity with ANSI C57:13 standards.  Current Transformers are tested at 100% and 10% of rated primary current at the maximum standard burden for 0.3% accuracy.  Voltage Transformers are tested at 100% rated primary voltage with zero burden and the maximum standard burden for 0.3% accuracy class.  A certification tag indicating Ratio Correction Factor and Phase Angle for each test condition is provided with every unit plus a duplicate record is filed at GEC Durham Industries.
The Astra 600 Volt Transformers are manufactured using a superior epoxy molding compound.  The compound has optimum electrical characteristics, high mechanical strength and unmatched stability in hostile environments.  Epoxy is completely impervious to attack by insulating oils and shows no significant deterioration in properties over a prolonged service life.  The epoxy is a thermosetting compound which is formed chemically and dimensionally in the molding process.
GEC Durham Industries produces its own tooling for forming bus bars, punching out bases and molding transformers, producing the complete instrument transformer from basic raw materials.  Our close-knit and experienced workers and management team makes it possible for us to respond quickly, intelligently and flexibly to the very real needs of our customers.  Many of the GEC Durham's products came about because of a customer request.  Whether it is a "special" rating, configuration or a need for fast service in terms of shipment, GEC Durham invites you to test our dedication to leadership in customer-oriented products and services.